The Game

Ensemble Online is an open world, sandbox strategy game with RPG elements in which you work together with friends to tactically control territory, harvest resources, and construct buildings anywhere on an expansive, real-time, persistent map. It’s an MMO that centers around diplomacy, RPG elements, economics, and capturing land.

Ensemble is a free-to-play, browser-based game, making it accessible to both the casual and hardcore player and allowing it to be played on PC, Mac, Linux, and a large number of smartphones and tablets.



Look at dat RTS!

What RTS would be complete without Building cities and strongholds? You have the freedom to build a peaceful farming colony behind a remote dune, or conqueror the most sought-after land, defending it with a powerful fortress.


Expansive Map

Look at dem chain fruit chollas

Ensemble has a gigantic 1,600,000,000 tile map. That means you can go find the most sought after resource hotspots and fight for control, or you can quietly build a farm in a remote grove, only seeing the occasional passerby.

Go exploring! You never know what you’ll find. We scatter interesting artifacts and outposts throughout the map that you may be the first to discover! Build a town and invite all your friends to come bask in its glory. One endless map offers endless possibilities.


RPG, Too!

Goes the panther!

Not much for the strategic elements? The beauty of Ensemble is it can be played any number of different ways. If you want to farm, you can farm. If you want to battle, you can battle. And if you just prefer classic leveling, skill-unlocking, and weapon / armor upgrading, [insert Morgan Freeman voice here] well that’s just fine with us too.

Take control of your hero, learn spells, become proficient with different weapons, and defeat stronger and stronger enemies. A powerful enough hero can topple even the most formidable stronghold.



Super important.

One of Ensemble’s most interesting features is diplomacy. Allies can harvest your farms for you, but your towers will only attack enemies. This creates interesting gameplay by allowing friends to use your base as a safe-haven, and letting players create towns together with allies. Their towers will protect your buildings and yours towers will protect theirs.

Some of the most interesting ways we’ve seen this play out are players paying high-level gatherers to harvest their farms or bribing powerful heroes to guard their base. We’ve also seen groups of players work together to build awesome superfortresses.


Unique World

Think I'll just stay here with this cactus.

Cidona, the mythical world in which Ensemble takes place has a rich backstory; it’s a fantasy world unlike any other. Part sci-fi, part fantasy, part nature/survivalist, and part steam punk, Ensemble’s elements range from shotguns and pistols to swords and axes, to spells and crystals, to giant robots and aggressive wolves.