Beautification, Beta, and Booth Babes

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State of Ensemble Address #1 

Beautification, Beta, and Booth Babes

In the last few weeks we’ve been recovering from an awesome 59daysofcode. We showcased a plethora of fancy features and new content, won people’s choice, and sported Ensemble on the bro-fistingly awesome Emperor 1510. Oh, and our tuxes totally classed up the joint.


Welcome to the State of Ensemble Address. In this series I talk about the team’s progress and ideas as well as other recent goings-on here at SemiFormal Studios. Maybe also some stuff about how bad Superman 64 was. God, it was bad. 


Beta is fast approaching and as you can see, we’ve revamped the website. Well, unless you’re Daredevil, in which case you probably can’t see but we’d love your autograph!  The forum got a little make over too and we’ve simplified our Beta sign up process: now all you need is an email! Applicants will be randomly selected and we’ll be doing Beta weekends throughout the early months of the Beta (we’ll have the server taken down between weekend tests).


Our booth this year was so pimpin’, Snoop Dog sued us for trademark infringement. The booth babes were beautiful, the tuxes were tremendous and Ensemble was excellent. We had a few attendees camp the chair for an hour while they explored in search of some crystals. When they finally found one they covered the entire screen in towers; ladies and gentlemen, that is how it’s done. People’s Choice for 59 Days of Code was no joke either, winning that got us some serious swag and a good amount of press coverage.

In our last patch we focused on beautifying Ensemble and oh man was it a change. We’re talking night and day, and I don’t mean that mediocre Tom Cruise movie.

The response was overwhelmingly awesome and we’ll be continuing to enhance the visuals slowly with every new patch, but our next major goal: tower upgrades.


Upgrade that boss.

Girl, look at that HUD, it’s bangin’. Our first left click interaction with the map is going to be the ability to select structures to view their stats on that pimpin’ HUD. Oh, and you can upgrade or sell them. Selling will give you back a portion of the resources you’ve invested based on how far along it is in the construction and upgrading will buff various stats of the structure. In the case of the tower it’ll give added defenses, damage, and range. Each upgrade is a bigger jump than the last but costs exponentially more. Upgrades will also cost food so you’ll finally have something to do with all those farms. Best of all, your allies can upgrade your structures for you with their own resources.

Welp that’s it for this first addition of the State of Ensemble Address; head on over to the forums and give us your feedback on the redesign!


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